Crow Beautiful

We are a social impact enterprise. We build marketing systems and infrastructures through storytelling. We are digital storytellers and seasoned marketers solving cash-flow problems for small businesses.

Lisa Henry Harper

Social Entrepreneur & Digital Storyteller

The human story is dearly loved . . .

I am the country mouse from JAFRICA. I am the southern-fried black-sheep, feminist branded (however, not a classic feminist), social entrepreneur, and poetic storyteller. I am a survivor of the bittersweet flavors of life and arrived in Dallas with literally nothing but the sweetest thing I know. 

The sweetest part of any business . . .

Marketing is cash-flow and cash flow is the main reason marketing exists. Marketing is the sweetest part of any business, it's the money part. It's the blood flow of business,

Marketing is the part that which new businesses don't spend much time planning and strategizing. Over the years, I've come to understand and respect how powerful marketing is for products and services.

Three billion people are connected by supercomputers in their pockets and storytellers control the narrative. I'm an authority in direct marketing for service-oriented businesses and visual storytelling. 

A storyteller creates and uses; graphic content, written content, video content, and audio content to produce a beginning, a middle, and an ending to a story using all these forms of content, then share the story in marketplaces.

Over time, ideas have stretched my heart and mind into a Social Entrepreneur using social platforms to elevate and build a community, a culture of free women. Being a woman is a political issue and living free for women is a radical act. Crow Beautiful Digital Media is a social enterprise that pours into the Spirit of women.

Entrepreneurship is a viable solution to escape poverty. A viable solution for women to escape poverty. Poverty is caused by separation and women are and have been separated from many important things, such as money, certain jobs, position, or promotions.

Crow Beautiful is a social enterprise that supports women by providing educational tools and solutions for women of domestic violence, financial abuse, patriarchal abuse of power, etc ... We believe women must commit radical acts to become welcomed in the power rooms, money rooms, and boardrooms.

I am Lisa Henry-Harper. I create marketing. I build marketing systems and infrastructures. I make sense of the sweetest part of any business.